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Hello, I am Roky. I am here to share some common JavaScript interview questions. So, let’s start.

Null Vs Undefined

Sometimes, we can get ‘null’ or ‘undefined’ after printing some variables in the console. It is very disgusting. We all want to handle them lest they should come.

When we declare a variable and don’t set a value to the variable, then the value of the variable will be ‘undefined’. But it is not possible to auto set a ‘null’ value to a variable. We have to manually set ‘null’ to a value.

const a;
console.log(a); // undefined
const b…

React is not a Framework, it’s a Library

It is a common question that which one is better? Framework or Library? I support the Library. Because developers make Framework for a specific work. We cannot change it easily. But in the Library, we can take those parts of it, which we need. It is the main difference between Library and Framework.

React is not a Framework, it’s a Library. That’s why we can easily take the components we need and make an app according to our choice.


Props is an object in which properties are sent from its caller…

Hello guys. I am Roky Das. I am here to share with you some important topics of JavaScript that you should know as a JavaScript developer. So, let’s start.

‘Try-Catch’ syntax:

When we make a software or app using any language, there can be a runtime error. Now I am simply talking about runtime error. When code is running well normally but for some special value, it may not respond well. It is called runtime error. To avoid this runtime error, we should use the ‘try-catch’ syntax. We have to put our that part of code in the ‘try’ block…

Today I am going to talk about 10 JavaScript tricky topics that you must know for better learning JavaScript. I am excited. I think you are also excited. So, let’s start.

var, let, and const

here, ‘let’ and ‘const’ are block-level data type but ‘var’ is not a block-level data type. At first, I am explaining what is block here. When we write a curly bracket {} in our JS code, it is called a block. It can be written for ‘if’ clause or ‘for’ loop or function or anyone.

if (true) {
// execute something
for( i =…

Roky Das

I am an enthusiastic JavaScript developer with knowing some framework for the frontend and the backend.

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